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General Questions

What is DrCurious?

DrCurious is a complete wiki for adult & nonadult live webcam performers. The Doctor gathered Thousands of Peaches and Eggplants all over the world, 24/7 available for sex cams shows. Free or paid. Do you want just models from Colombia, Moscow or New York - just make a quick search here and they will take care of your wildest dreams and desires and you will never feel lonely again.

What websites we browse to gather information?

You can find here all models from biggest live webcam sites: Chaturbate, MyFreecams, LiveJasmin, Onlyfans and Streamate. Soon some onew ones will be added so the Doctor makes sure you really have all live webcam models in one place.

Which is the difference between DrCurious.com and a traditional live cam site?

DrCurious is not a live cam site - it's just a complete list, or better said wiki with all models from the traditional live sex cam sites.

Member Questions

Do I have to pay for using DrCurious.com?

No, absolutely no.

Can I rate the models based on previous experience I had with them??

Yes, you can rate any model you find here based on your previous personal interaction. It does not matter on which site/platform you were in contact - just rate them so you can help other people know which are the best or weak parts of that model. If you want to contribute with more info, just add a comment so everbody gains more insights.

Can I contact a model directly on DrCurious?

No, you have to go on the website cam/social network where the model has account - The Doctor just lets you know where you can find the model and afterwards choose what better suits you.

What type of models cand I find here?

DrCurious builds a complete webcam models wiki so he has it all: female, male, lesbian or trans, free or paid.

How are similar models selected?

Similar models are selected based on common tags, location or keywords in description.

Where can I see the latest models added to the list?

The Doctor build the Latest Models Profiles where new models are added 24/7.

Models can be searched also by Country?

Yes, you have the possibility to search each model by country: US, UK, Spain, Romania, Italy, Germany, Colombia or Canada. More countries to be added soon.

Do models on DrCurious sell also content?

Yes, certain models offer live sex shows, others sell content or subscribtions and others offer all these. You will find all the information in their complete profile.

How many models can I browse per day?

Sky is the limit - just let you imagination flow and search until you find the best model fullfilling your dreams, desires, fetishes.

Do I have to have an account to use DrCurious?

No, there's no need for you to create a DrCurious.com account.

Still, how can I reward DrCurious for all the work?

It's very simple - just let your friends know you found the best wiki of worldwide live sex webcam models - spread the word and make the doctor happy.

Model Questions

As a Model, DO I have to create an account?

No, neither models, nor Members have to create account for DrCurious - he just browses all your active accounts (live webcam sites, social media accounts, content selling platforms) and brings them all in one place.

Do I have to pay for using DrCurious.com?

No, absolutely no.

Wrong info on DrCurious.com?

All the info listed here is only broswed from existing profiles - should you notice something that is not 100% correct, just let us know.

Additional info you want to be present only on DrCurious?

Wow, I would love that. Just let me know if this is your case and a solution will be found asap.

If I modifiy my profile on Chaturbate.com or LiveJasmin.com, how much time does it take for the update to be present also here?

Just few seconds. I work 24/7 to make sure all info listed here is 100% updated and relevant.

Can I select which info appears and which info does not appear on DrCurious?

For the moment this is not possible but do let me know in case you would like that via email ([email protected]) or Twitter (@DrCurious_Com)

I am listed on live webcam sites but I do not appear in this wiki - what can I do?

Just drop and email ([email protected]) or Twit (@DrCurious_Com) and this will be soon solved.

Can I manahe my own visitors on the platform?

At the moment this is not possible but in the later versions, we will add premium features for models to be able to do this.

How are members ratings done?

A member can rate any model based on previous experience. This helps other members find the most relevant models for their tastes. Encourgage your members to rate you so you can generate more traffic to your accounts.

Still, how can I reward DrCurious for all the work?

It's very simple - just let everybody know you are present on the first wiki of worldwide live sex webcam models - spread the world and make the doctor happy. We will make history together.